Nice people can be bad.

“But he/she is nice”. I’m hearing that a lot. Today it was in relation to that horde warlock, Gabrielle, who is really bad. The light forbid you say someone is bad and hear “I have them on real id”. Yeah well, they still suck, I’m sorry. This warlock shows up in TB and WG quite a bit, and every last time I’ve seen them, they just get pwned and do next to no damage or CCing on the other player. Like real bad. Today I showed up in pve gear when I phased into WG. I was taking mild damage while still getting my bearings and looking around at why the hell I was getting hurt. It was that warlock, doing barely jack to me.

And for the record, yes, I’m a terrible mage. TERRIBLE.

Anyway Anni has her on real id I guess. Then I got to hear, she pvps for the fun of it, not someone who bases how good of a person they are if they can beat you. What? You can be a good person, but suck ass at pvp. Then I heard “i hate people who think they are hot shit since they are good at pvp, in a video game”. If you are good you are good, what subject matter you are good at doesn’t matter much to me.

I admire the good pvpers, there are plenty that are douchebags. I don’t speak with them but I admire what they can do. I find horrible pvpers a waste of time and I fail to see how it’s fun to just get the floor wiped with you. I play to have fun, but I do my best to DO my best. Oh well.

We have a similar issue with Dor healing in our raid. Nice guy, can’t keep a tank alive in Heroic Stoneguard. I don’t want to wipe and or fail all night because of it.

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