Wait for me

I haven’t been bothering making DMC’s lately. Thanks to the massive nerf on herbs, it would take me probably 8 straight hours of herbing to get enough, and I just can’t be bothered. I’ve turned to making flasks for the raid since between Nilvana and Crucifixion, I had around 80 golden lotus.

Speaking of, I invited Crucifixion to guild yesterday. And I was right, I did originally meet him on his rogue, Misery. It had been so long I thought maybe I was confused.

I haven’t done dungeons with guild in a while but now I remember why I’m hesitant to just throw it out there that I’m doing some. THE WAITING. Said I was doing one today, got pulled in by DrBean and Dor on his druid. They said they were waiting on Hotbrass. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

We wait a few mins and then Hot logs out. Doesn’t relog back in. I asked if he was coming back, no response. I was like guys I’m going to run one, dropped and got my near instant queue. I don’t want to join a group to wait 10 mins.

Angey blew up a little bit Thursday nigh when we were doing LFR. There are certain people that, soon as they get a LFR piece and we are about to queue for the next one, tell everyone they need to enchant, finding mats, switching chars etc. It’s like really come on? You are making like 10 other people wait for queue while you do this stuff. Do it LATER. If you are in LFR already your gear is good enough.

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