No one is ever on

Last night we got down the Wind Lord, on the first pull, I think? Or maybe second, anyway it was fast. Tried Garalon a bit then the night was over. We started over an hour late because we were missing Nilv.

Today did second half of HoF and Terrace and got one sigil of wisdom and gold gold gold. Starting to get cranky I have 0 tier especially when others have 4-5 pieces.

Oh yes and was made an officer yesterday. I think we were getting borderline officer-less, actually. It was Alyis, only he hasn’t been on in around a month (sadface) because of work and money stuff, and Io will be gone for related reasons as I understand it. That just leaves Ran, who is GM, if I remember right.

I also have not seen Stout in weeks, nor Perfide, nor Rinni all this week so far. Janusz has also been missing for a month or so. I find it difficult to accept a request to come to his server when he has a lot of playing gaps. I mean I’m sure I could find people to get along with, but I’m not paying for a server transfer AGAIN and having the people that asked me to come over just vanish.

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