You know how tanks are always dying

Last night we attempted Heroic Stone Guard. I’m not quite sure we’re ready for heroics yet. We were losing people early on the first few attempts, so at Angey’s prompting I suggested we have healer assignments. Plus I noticed that I was outhealing both Tree and Dor, while ending the encounter at 70-90% mp and they were totally OOM. I said I would take Nilvana and Dor would take Silly, and Tree would raid heal.

From then on, Silly was generally the first to die, every attempt afterwards. I haven’t pally healed in a while, but I don’t think it’s changed all that much. His top 3 heals varied pull to pull and Holy Light was often the #2 heal. Unless I have it wrong, that would be like me using Heal, which I never do. Ever, seriously it’s not even on my bars any more. If I need a ‘heal’ I smite. There was also a lot of LoDing going on which struck me as odd for tank healing on a spread fight. Was the range mad boosted from Cata? I dunno.

It was more apparent this wasn’t going to fly when Dor was saying things like “I need to work in another CD”. Wut? You mean you weren’t using one? Holy pallies, as I recall, are kind of boss with their ‘hand’ CDs. We ended up switching tank healing and I got Silly, who I only lost once when he hit one of the traps and exploded, or when it was a full wipe.

We gave up on that and did it normal, then had a wipe on Garajal when no one went in to heal one totem and the adds got out of control. Last week when I had asked what Dor uses for raid healing, he said it was “Smart Debuff” which as far as I could tell looks and works like Decursive. I had said I use Vuhdo and it shows me who has the voodoo dolls, to the point that neither of us need to call out who has it, because it should be apparent. But alas I still have to call it out because he can’t see it I guess.

Another thing that confuses me, our hunter, Hotbrass. In vent the things he says makes him sound like a hard core elite raider, but then he dies A LOT to normal mechanics. I can’t quite reconcile the talk to the play.

Anyway hm we wiped on Elegon at least once too for dumb reasons and ended it at that point. I think we should stick to regulars for a while.

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