I’ve been doing arena with Warbomb, who use to play Ultrabomber and it’s been rather interestng. I can skill solo him as disc and kill him without ever having to trinket. He thought doing arena this late in the season in blue heroic pve gear with no gems or enchants was ok. We got arena cap last week, though it went poorly if any teams focused him because he went down like a ton of bricks, needless to say I suppose.

Anyway I convinced him to at least get all honor pieces. Still a little on the fence with his behavior though. He randomly asks for favors that are often so extremely inconvenient I have to say “no, that would be ridiculous”. Things like “hey can you fly out to Theramore, pick up the ore I have, bring it back to town and put it on the AH for me so I can continue mining without going back to town?” Hell to the no?

Or “can you go to town and see if there is a mining bag, I don’t want to stop what I’m doing to see their isn’t one”. Well I don’t want to stop what I’m doing, either. So no.

I got my horde priest to 90 today and went to WG where he was there. He was following me around and wasn’t attacking me when that DK came along. When Ang(Shockblocker) showed up, I healed him. He then went into an epic meltdown, much like Holystab did before, over it. I explained to him I enjoy fighting against friends and I have no problem being beat to death (if he could). There was much emo crying about how we are arena partners and it wasn’t honorable for me to “heal those scrubs” and blah blah.

Whatever. I like fighting people I know, deal with it.

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