40 man “Boxer”

Hm I have a lot of screenshots to catch up on.  I finally found the island that has the “Up” house on it, complete with grummie “asian kid”.


I ran into an epic 40 man botter in AV last week too.  Yes, BOTTER.  You can’t run 40 characters in unison dual boxing.  That shit is BOTTING.


Terrace of Endless Spring is available now, and this week for once I got lucky and picked up a new ring, used a luck token, won the same ring, then won the AWESOME healing trinket Spirits of the Sun.  I had a feeling I’d win that after Angey linked it.


These fights are quite fun in LFR too.


Golden lotus, after the recent patch, have a chance to be picked from random herbs.  But I’ve only see one like that so far.


I had to find 2 paragons for Klaxxi stuff before I got the epic ring and gosh, it took forever I swear.


And the Empress, is serious bidness apparently. She “scathed” this guy HARD.


This was fixed in the last patch, but when the Relic of Chi-ji was proc’ing, it was turning all spell effects whiter.  It was super obnoxious on pallies LoD.  It only made my wings more white and my DA bubbles a little more noticeable.


Did a bunch of question after I got exalted with Klaxxi too, one involved me rolling around in a barrel killing things, that was kind of different.

Hm let’s see.  We got Elegon this week, and the Vizier!  Disc has been buffed and I’m loving it in PVE atm.  I really enjoy the playstyle. I also use a token to win bracers I sorely needed, and I won the healing mace, Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor. Was replacing gear left and right this week, finally!


And yes, this dude is ice skating. I love these little things I see all over in the game.


Last of all! This is creepy just like all the statues in HoL!


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