Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth

Hm let’s see.  So we cleared up to the wind lord last night though our kill of the Vizier was pretty bad.  I think it was down to me, Silly, Duriel, and Onenight on the actual kill.  I still don’t really understand the way we do loot.  I went to the bottom last week after Elegon for winning the mace, contested.  Since then we’ve done 7 bosses, people have gotten loot, but I remain at the bottom.  That seems wrong.

Anyway last night we wiped on the wind lord for 3 straight hours.  The last phase is where people drop like flies, and one attempt I think we were at 3%.  I have no idea how the guides say you can 2 heal that.  So much damage.  I think I died on tornados twice, once when I wasn’t really watching my health and did not get grabbed by one, and another time I was well past one and still got grabbed.  Ugh that fight. UGH.

Also yesterday when we won WG it was suggested by Crucifixion that we got VOA and I was like sure why not.  Why not indeed.


Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth.


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