World PvP is Screwed Up

Hm so a lot to catch up on.  Deadfrog, during the last RBG said they would invite me, but when I logged in at the right time the next week, they did not, nor did he reply to my question about it.  I was a bit ticked.  The only Horde rbgs yolo’s going on in Oqueue either want 515 ilevel, which I don’t have yet (but I have a Grievous weapon), or just don’t pick me up as a hunter.  I learned to play MM also which I think I like better, less dependence on a pet.

I am sort of regretting the move to Horde, also.  As Horde you HAVE TO block IoC and AV, unless you want to 90% of the time queue into those and 90% of the time lose them.  That means you have no flexibility to block maps you really hate (Gilneas) or the CTA (bad without a group).  And of course let’s talk about waiting 10-15 mins to get in a bg, and losing, like the SSM I had today where we didn’t get one cart capped.  Frustrating.

Now all that, I can deal with.  The thing I’m having the most problem with, is I switched to Horde because I knew more PEOPLE.  But, they are either not logging on (Ladiesman), or haven’t played in ages (Lemm), don’t ask to queue up or don’t respond to invites for groups (the DogsofWar people) etc. I am not having fun playing as single player.

Now that is out of the way, my gosh world pvp.  I felt the difference in gear on my druid, but typically not as much.  A raid geared dps could give me a hard time, sometimes solo me even, but it usually took some real skill.  I am ok with this.

On my hunter, omg.  I tried to fight a disc priest with nearly 700k hp (ilevel 567).  They hit me for 60k Penance and 70k SW death.  My HP pool in my lfr gear is about 450.  That’s not amusing that a healer can cut 20% chunks of my health like that while healing and shielding like it’s nothing.  And yes, I’ve apologized to hunters many times for soloing them when I was in raid gear on my priest.  Generally that was in instanced pvp though and they were just bad.

Then I ran into a Dk with nearly 900k health.  I unloaded on him.  I barely moved his HP bar, it was really quite absurd.  He went about his business in Halaa like I wasn’t even there.  The next patch better fix this.

Anyway on to fun things, the Hardened Shell, which I have on all of my pvpers now, has some fun delay effects.  See that DK spec in the background by the hill?


He was standing on Falcon Watch, mounted and I threw it just as he took off.  DKs can move faster than others and the shell followed him but didn’t land until 4 or so seconds later, when it hit him high in the air and he fell to his death.  Deaths in the air make me smile.

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