Hunters are Fun

I’ve been having fun on my hunter lately, killing rares easily instead of trying to do it as a HotW resto kitty is addicting.  I smashed a resto druid and hunter who were bothering Bloodhoof Village repeatedly, until the druid went bear and they both came back and killed me.  Ah well I got them at least 8 times.

I’ve also been dpsing with Deadfrogs rbg team, and I was second in DPS to their best, and top dps.  The bad mage, Etheros, was nowhere near.  I did some rare farming with him and I was doing 75% or more of the dps.  I asked him a question about combustion, since you use to have to track all your dots and whatnot to use it correctly and he just replied “I don’t”.  Don’t know, know? Do it right? Both?

Drek asked me to make some LWing items for me, and I did but, he feels young.  You know, that “and and and and then and then” type of request.  Not a big deal but approaching Soulprince status after asking for 8 things to be made, the thread and dye bought by myself, and the enchants placed myself.  I only tolerated because Sat made me a glove enchant the other day.

We also had a hunter who kept saying in gchat, over and over that he found a rare, and who wanted it.  He said it was called No-no.  No No is a legendary battle pet you fight for a quest.  Or for giggles I suppose.  He kept asking who wanted to tame it, I said it’s not a hunter pet.  He asked who wanted to catch it, he was right by it and could invite.  I told him what it was. So, we have that, then he was saying something else clueless, like didn’t know why a 90 tank shouldn’t go with level 88’s in a dungeon (they ruin the exp).  I asked if he was new, he said he had 4 90’s.  I’m not sure how you get that far and ask so many noob questions but who knows.

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