Making Horde Friends

Lately thanks to the BG forums, I’ve been adding horde pvpers to my friends list.  A lot of time people pvp with me, and add me, then I never hear from them again.  Anyway, tonight I broadcast I wanted to do some randoms and got Migraine, who I met on his DK a while back in Halaa, who is in Deadfrogs guild, and some DK I met on the forums.

Siigh.  So, Migraine’s priest was under 400k hp  because he had greens and blues on.  He didn’t know you could cast Guardian Spirit, though it was Spirit of Redemption.  Missing 2 major glyphs, no gems, no enchants, no reforging.  Said if he was a good healer he didn’t need it.  Then was harassing the DK for using 2 1 handers and kept carrying on how HE was bad.  /facepalm.

We went on to win all 3 anyway though.

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