I don’t need anything

Random rant for the day, people who play A LOT of alts in a rather serious fashion.

It’s nice when you are raiding with the same person and characters all the time for a number of reasons, but one of the perks is, when they win gear, you know they don’t need that piece again. So if it’s say, your glove tier token and they win it, you know the next one is yours (assuming no one else is on the token blah blah). But sometimes when a person has a character fully geared up, they don’t want to raid on that one any more. They want to bring another char of theirs that needs gear, so they are forever bringing something that NEEDS gear. That’s why I’d often say “I don’t need anything” when joining raids. I am bringing my skills and gear and not taking anything from anyone. Some people just like to be constantly on the take.

Anyway we raided last night and one shot the first two bosses. One shot! I was slightly miffed though, the gloves that Duriel got last time, dropped again. They should have just gone to me by default, but the new mage also wanted them. So when the spirit ring dropped off Feng, even though I rolled highest, I couldn’t get it. I think I only dropped 3 spots on the loot list, but still.

Spent a lot of time staring at the healing meters, and the pallies healing just feels wrong. Looks wrong. I don’t know. People have said he has poor reaction time and stuff too. Most of the fights are two healable, I’ve been told, and I’d much rather do it with Tree, the druid.

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