Had a really stupid conversation with a bad warrior today in a random. The guy said someone is hacking auto loot. He kept saying it until Nilv and I were like, huh?

He said: someone has auto loot on and is ninjaing items.

Nilv asks who DOESN’T have auto loot on?

Then the warrior msg’d me and said it’s “some kind of addon” Then we had this stupid convo

warrior: it would look all the goodie automatically, (player) have it

me: it’s an option in the default set up tho

warrior: he loot or ninja 2 motes

me: How do you know those weren’t just his drops?

warrior: idc just want to be fair for every1 that needed

me: You can’t roll on those anyway

warrior: oh yes I could

me: you cannot roll on spirit of harmony (I meant motes but same diff)

warrior: yes, i do.. u need thou for level90 gears and living steels

me: well you CANNOT roll on spirits of harmony, you can’t at all, just whoever has it in their loot gets it

warrior: yes, I do needed for [Breastplate of Ancient Steel] for example

me: I know what they are used for

Warrior: c’com i got 9 lvl90 max for prof i know it very weel

me: well you are an idiot if you think those spirits (or motes) as open roll

warrior: u r such a noob

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