AOE Looting!

So!  Thus far in the new update we can already tell things are going to go better than they did with Cata. I haven’t done any mining yet, but it’s easy enough to get herbs (in cata if you weren’t standing on a node, you didn’t get it, and 2-5 people were pouncing on it the second it spawned).  The cloth drops are reasonable enough to get a stack or two during play time.  In Cata you were lucky to get 5 cloths in hours.

The AOE looting, which we’ve had since patch 5.0, IS AWESOME.  Being able to get all the loot from mobs in a range is just fantastic.  It also seems you learn new alchemy skills by making pots/flasks rather than ranking up everything at a trainer.  I haven’t touched my mages/shamans skills yet.

The quests now give gear based on your class/spec, it appears.  So no more Cata nonsense where you did 10 quests in a row and only got plate or mail options.  Every quest so far has given me items I could specifically use.  This is pretty awesome. SO! On to the quest images!

Heading to Pandaria on the boat


Shooting down horde stuff


At one point you blow up a horde ship, and they all are swimming to shore to not drown, and that awesome night elf rogue fellow says to shoot them down like dogs! GOOD FOR HIM! XD


Then on the island, so pretty, collecting apple cider with this guy.


This was just a minor boss but the effects in the room were kind of cool


The two dungeons I ran were pretty fun, not that hard (not heroics) but funny and fun to do.  We couldn’t get a tank to come with us, so we had a pug one this time I went with Onenightstab, Perfide, and Angeycakes, and he was ilevel 376 with 4 377 pvp pieces.  The guy was a little hard to heal.


Flight paths are now on this glider, reminds me a little of the glider in the Last Airbender.


And, really? I will pay, REAL MONEY for one of these guys to yell IT’S A TRAP!!!


Oh and hey, it’s Minion from Megamind.


And ok, wait for it, wait for it….

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