The Only Time (Thus Far) I’ve Rage-logged

Tonight we were supposed to do an ‘alt’ raid but I was really wanting to just not raid at all. That being said I really wish people would tell me about the status of the group before I join. If this is going to be “we’re bringing people who haven’t played in 9 months, are still ilevel 377 etc” then I’ll just pass.

To make things worse, the original gm, Spicecakes, made it extra annoying by repeatedly exclaiming over how bad they were doing. Like “wow I didn’t have a raid frame set up!” “Wow my gear is BAD!” “omg can I bring the cutest paladin ever!” “afk sorry I have to restart the game who knew this error would require restarting!”

Just fucking on and on and on. I nearly pulled my connection out in rage.

The only thing that made it tolerable is that Angiecakes gets irritated as the same thing as me and we just bitched to each other a lot. They say Angie is a girl, but I don’t think so personally. But if so that’s cool and we can easily be like, BFF’s and gay stuff like that.

Anyway on Ultraxion 3 people die to fading light or whatever, tank got rezzed, then another person died, so we were down Spice’s pally healer (not that it mattered) plus 2 dps. At 1% we wiped because a tank didn’t taunt or whatever it is they are supposed to do and we all died. At 1%.


I closed vent, dropped party, said “Guys it’s too late to be wiping on normals I’m out” and logged.

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