Or you could kill me…

So I gave up holy already until I have the spirit gear and gems to support it, and took a disc pvp spec. We can has mobility now! You can take speedy bubble on any spec, you can glyph faster speed with levitate! Mobility! Yay!

Spectral Guise seems awesome too, I took that instead of Desp prayer for right now.

On a side note, Annibelle sometimes seems like an unnecessary douche. We did the Whale Shark the other day and he wanted to do that giant serpent. As I’m a healer and I’m generally healing people, I trailed him giving speedy bubbles and trying to help dps. I got “I don’t need shields” in vent.

“They help speed you up” I said.

“I don’t need it it makes me go out of range” he said.

So, you are requesting no assistance then? That bugged me. I wasn’t KSing, I was healing. Geez.

Then the next day I asked if mages could still spellsteal wings. He wasn’t sure, so I logged on my mage and did a duel and specifically said “I am only going to try to spellsteal”. I started spamming spellsteal and then he kicked my ass and won the duel. I said “or you could kill me”. What the fuck.

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