Blood Elf Priest

So yeah I made a blood elf priest who is 81 as of today, disc spec and herb/alchemy just like my Alliance priest. Nothing really to note thus far, dungeon groups have been pretty good, pvp not too bad. I went from the guild Angelus invited me to over 9 months ago to Whisperwind Eleven, as “Friends and Family” sponsored, I guess you could say, by Fratricide.  He was the blood elf paladin who got Ladiesman’s 7k bounty by killing me.  I discussed that in my Alliance threads.

Anyway the people in that guild I like, Ribby is the horde goblin priest who was annoying in TB like me, Missnewbooty, etc, have all been nice and talkative.

Then the other day I was randomly standing around in Org channeling the “Game of Thrones” thing with my name, my “Flame Keeper” title, my little red protodrake when a hunter named Sealgaer who I mentioned way back in Oct 2011[/url] asked if it was after GoT and I said yes.  We talked for a bit and he commented “I wish I had a Dothrakki warrior now”. lol

He and a paladin named Holystab ran me through BRC twice and I picked up some new gear.


Those two were giving a heavy vibe that they were gay, or something, I dunno.  Lots of “he does whatever I say” from the pally to the hunter and that kind of thing.  ERP maybe.


Anyway the next day I said hi again to Seal and got invited to a party with the pally but on his rogue and we did BRC again.  I don’t know how it came up but I mentioned my Alliance priests name and the hunter remembered the incident where I almost killed him in TB.  He remembered I had signed onto Elliebelly to say “GG” or something like that.  I was like wow that was a long time ago!  I’m glad I write these names down to remember these things.

So I have 2 more battletag friends between the two of them now.

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