I sort of hate mages

Ran with Post Mortem again, and it went pretty well. Took like 20 extra minutes to fill though.

We could have gotten Yor’sahj on Heroic if we had a little more time, but Ultraxion the dps kept messing up the fading lights. A little pissed at someone in my guild though, I asked if anyone had a mage that wanted to come when we had trouble filling, and this one guy was like “I would but I don’t need anything from normal ds”. It’s like holy shit really? I haven’t needed anything from DS normal in MONTHS and I still bring my priest and shaman every week. So I should just stop running because I don’t need anything?

Anyway, nothing I needed dropped. We brought a mage named Magicizan who did fine, but requested that the person using the voice changer to stop (it didn’t bother me) and requested that things that you should watch yourself be called out, like Hour of twilight in Ultraxion. Yeah just, pay attention? Otherwise they were ok, and walked away with all kinds of loot, including the heroic non tier shoulders, the haste trinket I want for my mage, and Will of Unbinding. Pugs always seem to get all the gear.

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