Not Raiding with these guys

Last night I had what was supposed to be heroic DS night with Relentless on my shaman.  Before I go into it, I am in fact, not raiding with them, any more. After this.  I’m serious.

So first off, Heroic Morchok.  Lila was solo healing the easier side, I had Morchok.  Her side died from heal problems 2-3 times before they pulled Scuba into service to TWO HEAL THE EASY SIDE. We got that down, no loot I needed.


Did Zon’ozz on normal.  Tried Heroic Yor’sahj but it was like we were new again, and had people killing the mana ball at the wrong times AGAIN.  At this point Scuba kept disconnecting every 30 seconds or so, so it was bizzare they assigned him to heal Cinor who was tanking.  We wiped on that about 5 times and then killed it on normal.

Anything else heroic was out of the question, plus prior to Blackhorn Rayzo left to go see a movie and Jynx also took off.  Even though the rest of the normals are completely 2 healable, we brought in Rob’s resto shaman and I switched to my pally.

During spine the resto shaman got blown off when he didn’t get into the hole when it was time to tip Deathwing.  I looked at his healing done and it was all healing rain, chain heal, and riptide.  I focus’d him to see what was being cast and… almost nothing.  No heal, no greater heals, at all.  Apparently he only knew the fight on LFR where you don’t have to deal with the searing debuff. I asked him after if he was set up to “see the searing debuff we have to heal off”.  That was my nice way of saying “you don’t know this fight, do you?”.  He said no.  So he was healing just people taking damage that was visible, which as we know on that fight is next to nothing. Why don’t people please just say “what do I need to know about this fight?”

Got down Deathwing, the 2 handed sword I wanted dropped but I didn’t roll because Maice would use it more than me.

Anyway, done raiding on Thursdays.

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