So what is no one is doing it right?

I posted a thread on the WoW Forums about my situation in general here and someone mentioned that if people are not willing to look up fights, and do their class/spec properly and gem and enchant, just that would stop them from raiding with that group. So I was looking over some of the people that come to our groups on our ‘heroic’ nights. I can only fully check out characters I know how to play past the basics.

Rayzo, rogue – appears to be set up properly

Yellowducky, hunter – missing one enchant and 1 chimera’s eye

Trenchx, mage – checks out

Cinor, warrior – missing 2 enchants, 1 glyph

Sonnylee, dk – looks ok, don’t really know DKs

Nyghtwolf – checks out, forged some mastery into haste, don’t druids love mastery?

Scubasam- missing one enchant

Backlash, shaman – missing 4 enchants

Shamwhoa – missing 4 enchants, 1 glyph, purified demonseye in red slots (so very bad) reforging spirit and mastery into haste. Noooooooooooooo

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