Oh this isn’t my main

Since I sit around in town a lot, it seems I’ve become some form of “officer” of the guild, especially because I can invite. I don’t have officer chat like in Bloodbathed, and can’t change the bank, or change ranks, but eh.

We’ve been trying to recruit lately and I’ve brought in, rather inadvertently, some new people. One was a warlock, whose name I can’t recall from Tol Barad (Perfide). A horde, what else is new right. He switched to an alliance after the battle under the name Cluny to ask about us as a pvping guild. I said I’m really the only one who seriously does it. They wanted to join anyway so that was that. I mentioned that I want to be known as “that damn priest Ocyla” and he said he thought that several times the past battle. He was one of those fucking fear bomb warlocks.

This druid msg’d me today wanting to join for a raid spot since we were recruiting a resto druid. Missing 4 enchants, questionable reforging, 386 ilevel. I checked out their raid progress and they were only 2/8 NORMAL. I asked what was up with that and I got “I’m 8/8 on my priest”. Their priest, named Mfer (lovely), was only 6/8 normal, 384 ilevel, missing enchants. I questioned the 8/8-ness and this time was told “oh we did it last night” which would have updated by now and then “oh right I switched to my dps for the last 2”. Uh huh. I told them we can (sometimes) do 3 heroics and we were raiding tonight and if they wanted to go they would need to be prepared. I found out later, they did not even show up for it.

I declined tonights raid earlier in the week. They started it at 8 which is 30 minutes earlier hoping that it would help somehow. People not fucking around would help, but ok.


Ladiesman told me he’s quitting.  And just so we’re clear?

Cardboard Assassin?  It’s not the same.


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