Thunderhorn Guild

I’m not sure how long I am going to last in DogsofWar, that’s the guild Deadfrog and Etheros and such are in.  First I got into an argument with a priest about how bad disc priests are in pvp right now.  They just are. I can’t even play mine and I have 2.  Druid is better.  Anyway, they argued with me left and right about it, said disc are the best healers (right now they are known as being the worst) and said they would help me with rotation.  A disc priest was my main for years, I don’t need help, the spec does.

Anyway, then got into such a heated argument with some unholy dk named Chewgrizzy that I ignored him.  He bitched endlessly about trying to do 2’s around 1400 mmr that every healer, like 10 of them, were utter crap.  I found that hard to believe.  I suggested he just do double dps comps and he laughed at me and said no one wins with double dps.  I freaked out a bit and called him a douchebag elitist moron.  I’m sorry, if you rag on healers that bad, saying healing is super easy, you probably suck as a dps.  Don’t get me wrong, there are bad healers, but not to that extent.

Played a bit of Wildstar, but crashed when browsing my character screen, when the screen went black and alarms kept going off, and saw weird graphics things like these green boxes popping out of the ground.


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