Rainbows and Ponies

Sometimes Horde wins, and I don’t even know why.

I had a sweet Twin Peaks today on my 88 MW monk.   A mage is telling everyone to crush the enemy healers and “make them regret queuing”. I’m amused. I follow him and clash in mid a bit, die, rez, run around healing, when I notice, we don’t have the ally flag.

But, we have 3-4 people in the Ally base. I run to it and, no one is getting the flag. They kill 2 ally in their base and, they all stand there.

No one gets the flag.

They all run out.

No one gets the flag.

I’m like F IT I’ll do it geezes. As I’m running the flag back, unprotected, a mage is screaming at me to “stay with the team”. I’m like hi, I’m not even rolling, you can mount, try to keep up.  I’m not even rolling to let people keep up with me, and they don’t.   The name calling starts. There’s like 6 mins left at that point.

Only back at our base I end up dying on the cap spot I just Transferred to 2 seconds before we returned our flag. (Damn shadow stepping rogues) By then ally is on to me and killing me every time I get the flag after that. I say I’m done doing it. More insulting ensues.

Hunter gets the flag, I throw CD’s on him to get him through the ally crowd and he keeps running. A druid and mage are intent on wrecking my face as he chugs along and leaves me behind. It’s cool. I die, he gets the cap. We win.

Hunter says “thanks for saving me” and I say “love you hunter”. Rainbows and ponies, we won.

Bad win, but a win anyway.


Oh and TURTLE POWER! Thanks for making me think of that awful live action Ninja Turtles preview.  Eeesh.



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