I can just TELL

Today we invited a hunter named Awesomehuntr.  And I hate to sound like an ass (not really) but with a name like that, you can pretty much tell they are going to be pretty dumb.

So anyway I asked in guild if anyone wants to do bgs, he whispers me saying he’s almost out of his.  Alright, so I pick him up, get Barn, and Barn gets some other people.  We win like, 4 in a row, I think, before people start dropping.  As per my thing I check his gear.  Green trinket, 6 pieces of pve gear, 7 missing enchants, 4 missing gems, Grievous bow.

We talk about how his other guild was doing arena with him but stopped.  I asked if they lost  a lot and he said sorta.  What really killed me though was, I said he need to work on getting his Prideful bow this late in the season and he said nah.  He wants to get the other gear first.  I said no no, TRUST ME, you want to get the bow asap.  It got to the point where I said he wasn’t making sense not going for the weapon first.  He told me it does “make sence” and he thinks the gear first is better.  I even linked my bow and he wasn’t having it.  Some people are just dumb.  He then admitted he doesn’t do arena because no one wants to (no kidding) and never wins bgs.  Gee, wonder why.

I ran into Moterhead in Thrallmar tonight though, and killed him.  I had to look at my posts from a bit ago when I was killing him in Halaa.


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