He Kind of Bugs Me

Decided to run with Relentless last night for 2 reasons, one they already brought in a resto shaman and I really dislike healing with the same spec healer in group. Also we haven’t run in A9n the last few weeks and I assumed not running this week. The shaman is open if need be , though.

Anyway I had a bit of a hair pulling contest with Scuba, and had 2 people ask me if I was angry or just fooling around. He kinds of bugs me, but I was just playing around. Whether he was or not, don’t know, don’t really care.

Ended up with THREE more heroics pieces however. Heroic tier pants token, Heroic Ledger of Revolting Rituals, and Heroic Ring of Suturing. The normal version of that I lost to a pug on my pally the other day. I’m now 404 ilevel.

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