Ok then Shut up

Did DS last night on my holy pally, went well, the nerfs are making it ridiculous easy on normal. The only thing of note was the druid, Khrys complained at the start about how we didn’t need 3 heals. I asked if they had a dps offpsec and they said no.

Ok then? Shut up? I mean if you have a dps offspec by all means be like “hey man I’ll go dps ok?” but don’t expect the other 2 regular healers who want to gear up to go dps.

Anyway he won the Ring of Suturing by one point, and then “relog I got lag” prior to Ultraxion and never came back.

I won, geez, a lot of gear. I won glove token, then asked the shadow priest from VoW, Ainur, who won the shoulder token, if I could have it. I didn’t want to roll need because I already won a token, but I was using 378 shoulders still. They agreed. So I got gloves, shoulders, plus greed rolls on a dps trinket, dps shoulders, and a healing belt.

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