Pants on the Head

This pally I met on my mage, yeah, think I’m gonna remove them from friends. I joked with Jan and told him I had no idea what I was thinking, and today I feel like I woke up with a a hang-over with my pants on my head wondering what I did the night prior.

I ran some dungeons with Lila last night on my priest to get cap in case we don’t raid today, and the guy kept asking for a run over and over. I told him I was heals, and we cannot 2 heal a 5 man. I asked if he wanted to go as dps? We ran most of the next dungeon before I got a reply, since I queued only after waiting about 2 mins for an answer (I’m antsy what can I say). We picked him up for the next one and got HoT which he again said he didn’t like.

Between what he said he does for work and his age (over 20), I figured I’d get a little more maturity but if I didn’t know any better I’d have guessed I was talking to a 13-17 year old. The run itself went fine but then we had a really maddening conversation after when he asked for trinket advice. He’s in mostly all 378 gear, so I asked if he has been raiding yet, no. I told him in my opinion to run WoE and get Foul Gift of the Demon Lord, then go to the old JP vendor and pick up Core of Ripeness if money was a problem. Then when raiding cross fingers and hope to get Heart of Unliving, and then in the second slot use Windward Heart or Seal of the Seven Signs. I told him another choice would be to buy DMC Tsunami rather than Core.

At that point I got a lot of “no one sells that trinket” I said it’s the old JP gear vendor. “I don’t see that”. I said it’s to the side of the other vendors. “I don’t see it, it’s not here”. YES IT IS, and I told him the vendor name. Then I got “rare spawn npc”. I was like what? He’s in the SAME ROOM as the JP and VP vendor. “Naw man it’s rare spawn and not here”. WTH?

Then he said he was going to get that awful Reflections trinket with spirit and on use SP. That trinket is horrible for almost all the healers if not ALL the healers. (possibly good for holy priest I dunno, but still probably no). I told him it was garbage and bad and he started to argue to the point that I was like “look I’m 404 ilevel, and I raid heroics on 2 characters and have 3 healers, I read up on healing all the time, trust me it’s bad”.

He came back with “I have a 415 healer who said it’s great” and I was like “fine don’t listen to me” and logged. Ugh.

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