I know how to kite and such

I was watching guild chat today when a hunter asked for a carry in arena.  Someone asked if they meant to give carries, or by carried.  The hunter replied (only hunters I’m telling you):

“I cant do a lot of damage, but I know how to kite and such”

I’ve never been killed by a good kiting.  True story.

We had an e-peen contest, I guess, around that point, because the guy randomly threw out there that he had a “580 WW monk”.  That was when I said I had a prideful hunter.  I only said it because he said he hadn’t played a hunter in many months, you know, in case he had questions.   I’m like what’s your point, you got 580 by PVEing, we were talking about pvp. Then we got in a dumb discussion about what’s harder, PVE or PVP.  I think scripted fights are easier, personally.

The GM broke it up saying it’s a matter of opinion, and I said cool story bro, we were just talking.  Damn.  Then he started on how playing a hunter is “easy” and DKs are “easy” and everything is “easy”.  I’m going to go ahead and say he’s a baddie then.  I know two kinds of people that say everything is easy.  The elite ones where everything truly IS easy, and the bads just doing it wrong.

I rather despise people expecting a carry in whatever it is, who then also won’t STFU about how bad they are probably going to be.

The irony is, I armoried’d him and found an old post naming all of Frostrated/Juntoko/DKMohawk’s alts, and Hunar was listed.  So, I think it’s the same guy.  Ha.

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