I think Horde are Jerkier

I’ve been mostly on my Alliance priest lately, but I noticed Horde attack towns way more often than Alliance.  They seem to constantly bother Darkshire, Goldshire in particular.  I know Alliance hits up Crossroads and Silvermoon, but not really with the same amount of sustained trouble.  It could be that no Alliance bother to go stop them, too.

Oh and Hunar admitted he was previously Frostrated/DKmohawk/Junktoko. I figured.  I used the phrase “you sound like Sealan” as a bait (per Sealan) when he was rude again in guild chat.  The guild announcement said to sign up for events on the calendar, only no events were on the calendar.  I asked if we do RBGs and he smartly replied “no, we don’t pvp we’re a raiding guild” and some other snarky crap.

Should have just gquit right then, I’ll probably regret staying in the guild with that guy.

And man.  Hunters /sigh


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