Met Another Rogue

I was on my Alliance priest trying to help out a warlock, who kept trying to talk to horde in general chat, to take the towers in Hellfire.  There was a warrior I kept almost killing, but then this full prideful rogue named Kuraha (ghostlands) would pop out and give me the goods.

I ended up grouping with a mage and another warrior, but none of them were any match for those two.  After getting repeatedly spanked I sighed and logged over to horde and asked if they were “having fun”.

They correctly I assumed I was ‘one of those alliance’ and said they were arena partners.  They claimed they focused me because I was doing the most damage.  I probably was.  I said I was in no way raging but gave up because my gear couldn’t handle the both of them.  The rogue said he appreciated a graceful player.  I imagine rogues don’t get that much.



Went back and forth like that a bit and traded btags.  I wish gear wasn’t such a problem and I could quickly gear both of my spriests.

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