Well fine then /hairflip

So, I had agreed with Leorick from Of Hells Design to a 9:30 run tonight for the 6 Challenge Modes I need to finish for the transmog set.  Only…




Looks promising right?  (sarcasm)  I msg’d him, since you know, as a raider I get ready ahead of time.  I got “I told you it would be after the Garrosh kill, so if you can wait 20 minutes…”.  No, we agreed on 9:30, I don’t sit around and wait to pay someone 60k for something I healed myself over a year ago.  Thanks.  /HAIRFLIP!

Plus I watched their live stream last run and he crashed on the last boss in one of the instance so I’m not feeling it. Just not.  On top of all that by 10pm they were still in SoO raiding and 3 of the people in the group weren’t online.

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