That druid in WG, ugh.  Otnealy.  I can’t kill him, just can’t.  I heard almost nothing can kill a good feral and I see why.  I got him down to perhaps 20% and he just healed to full like he had a LoH.  Ugh.  Frustrating.

Did some raids tonight with Time Lords and picked up the heroic mace from the Lich King, it’ll look nice with a mostly white set. WoWScrnShot_080714_094015


Also spend some time in Darkshire, since someone was spamming attacks like crazy.  Ended up killing Adacel, that warlock a couple of times, then a rogue showed up.  I believe I died once, got them a few more times with some other alliance.  But then Dedd, who was also in Evil Heart, showed up on his mage and thrashed me pretty good.

Later we moved out to Westfall in Moonbrook and a monk joined.  Apparently it was a “kill Coquette party” as they called it and called me a traitor.  I went in vent to talk a bit though.  Ocyla, my priest, who I was playing has never been horde so there’s no traitoring going on exactly.   I grouped with 2 other ally and we beat them in a fair 3v3 but, as Alliance do, they left soon after.  I was left with me vs 3 and commented “and that’s how you get ants”.

It was overall a pretty busy day for wpvp.  I killed Eklipz, that awful rogue in Hellfire, and he came back with a DK, and a warlock, and tried to kill me while I was mostly afk in the air a bunch of times.  Busy busy day!


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