Celestial Tournament can DIAF

Fuck the Celestial Tournament, seriously. This past week it was the ‘easy’ trainers, and I really didn’t have a hard time with them. However looking up strats for the other 4 just wasn’t working out. I checked wowhead and it recommended pets I don’t even have like Bonkers and Unborn Valk- I simply haven’t seen a single one of those yet. I got the ox down and almost got Xu Fu but thanks to some stupid RNG he lived with about 200 hp. The dragon and the crane just wrecked every team I threw at it, and I have like 80 level 25s now. I’ll be honest though after 2-3 tries and getting wrecked I gave up.

What I find crazy, besides people saying it’s easy, is that some winning combinations seemed to make no sense. Rabbits and frogs against undead, makes sense. Using something, I don’t know, like a mech, that isn’t even using a strong skill against the target would have probably taken me ages to figure out. Anyway anyone that says they one shot it with no guides is FULL OF SHIT.

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