2 Petting

I have been playing my druid a lot and am up to 3 pieces of grievous so far. I am loving their utility, pounce, kitty stun, typhoon interupt, bear roar in any form, etc. It’s good stuff.

I’ve been leveling pets like mad too hoping to get the celestial tournament done but man it’s rough. Spending like an hour only to fail and do a repeat is annoying. Pet leveling has been pretty fast though. I can basically 2 pet the earth pandaren with Rapana Whelk and Infinite Whelp, I can two pet the water one with a Sandy Petrel and Emerald Proto Whelp as long as my low level pet can survive ALL THE DAMN WAVES. I can two pet the wind one with Emerald Proto again and a good ele killer that isn’t aquatic. I just tend to have favorites and forget I have something like 50 or 60 level 25’s. Annnnyway. Pets are fun, I may level a few for friends or something.

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