Guild Meltdown

Well I lived through yet another guild meltdown. We got a new monk healer who is good, but it turns out Silly and Duriel posted this past Monday looking for a new raid team before the raid on Tues and Wed. Yesterday Duriel kicked Omninal, that rogue, and all of Angey’s alts, then server transferred to their new team. It was announced that we will now be a casual guild. Not surprising considering 4 of the members of it are now gone.

I was no longer on the team anyway, but much like when Duriel was looking for a healer for CMs when they already had me, I found it rude that they were looking for a new team when they already had one. I mean everyone can leave when they want but stealthing it like that sucks. Oh well what can you do.

Cruc also “un quit” and started playing again, but is horde now. Needless to say the guild is pretty dead.

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