Proving Grounds are HARD

Haven’t updated in a while. Hm. Well, when I stopped raiding I had a lot of free time, so mostly farming and making things and such. Got past the Black Prince exalted part of the legendary quest line and got my meta gem.

Before all that I got gold in Proving Grounds, but it was REALLY HARD. I had to go as holy and use all my fingers, thumbs and maybe a toe or two to get past that, plus it took several attempts. A priests lack of utility really hurts in there along with the low gear level. I think it was on par with getting gold in challenge modes. Apparently druids and monks have it much easier, monks probably because low spirit is what they do anyway, and druids have a ton of utility to help block some of the damage. I will try it on my druid soon, now that I have some PVE trinkets.

Otherwise, the new LFR, kind of brutal. Spent 3 hours total one day not getting a damn thing down. Asking LFR dps to stop dpsing just doesn’t happen. Needing part of a group to do something else, not gonna happen. Having a fight where the lazy afk tunnel vision players get instantly killed and fails the raid. Hm. Not so good. I mean, that design is good, but for morons in LFR, not so much.

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