My Druid is Now Horde

I haven’t written in a long while but I think I’ll add stuff I’ve missed and add some old images I found later.

I changed my druid to a troll. I’m not especially happy about that. I miss Shadowmeld a whole lot and miss the T9 tier look. However at this point I do nothing but pvp and everyone I knows what does it (well) are horde. Ladiesman, Sealgear, and so on. So here I am. Bgs outside of the CTA have been pretty good too. I also enjoy surprising Alliance with pvp that they don’t even expect, and I don’t have to fight with Deadfrog, who is a fantastically evil priest (like me) any more.

Ladiesman gave me a Rascal-Bot pet, which takes 20 days of engineering to make, and a Vengeful Porcupette which I expressed major interest in which takes 100 bloody coins. You get those by transforming into that pink thing in an early screen shot and getting the KILLING BLOW on players. Has to be the killing blow. I really like that one. I watched him get some of the coins on a stream, killing 3 alliance at once one time. /fans self!

Let’s see. The day I got the pvp pet, someone messaged me asking for my ‘lvl 25 for 100g’. I asked my level 25 what, they said my pet. I replied “if you are talking about my porcupette, 100g is lol, but I’d never sell it ever anyway”. Told me to come to the city and they’ll give me 100g and come to the flight master. The Dark Knight in me really, REALLY hates repeating things so I replied in all caps that MAYBE they didn’t hear me but I’m not selling it. I think they asked for it again, I called them an idiot and ignored.

A paladin, whose name escapes me at the moment, kept asking me to do stuff for them. I added them on btags after some battlegrounds where we grouped up to try to make a win on alliance. But, he was awful annoying. He was another one of those people that only messaged me to ask for favors and otherwise not say hi. Asked for a two person mount for a low level that I said I’d do but they “got someone else” then later asked for a transport in panda land. He was on a level 90 so I asked why he wasn’t flying. He said he can’t in pandaland because he couldn’t afford to keep 8 level 90’s in panda flying. Dude, that is not my problem and I am not your taxi. The best part was after I said having no money making profession wasn’t very wise:

“Neither was bombing another country but it won the war didn’t it”

W what?

I asked what war he was speaking of.

“Only all of them”

I replied if you say so. He mistook this to mean I was Canadian and I said no but I wouldn’t call Afghanistan a win. He said WW1, 2, and the “cold war” was a win and “whatever I’m not owned by Japan thank to it sooo”

Immediately deleted.

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