The Things I Lost

Apparently there is no more World Defense channel, so I have no way of rushing to areas being attacked, which is something I loved to do.  Sadface.

Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are no longer on the queue list.  You can’t see when the next battle is without going to that zone.  Another thing I can tick off my list that I can’t do.

There is no more Call to Arms for battlegrounds.  No more looking at the list and spam queuing for one you know a lot of other people will be doing.

I had to change faces on all my characters, since the default switch didn’t make me look the way I wanted. WoWScrnShot_101614_135530WoWScrnShot_101614_135845



This update was supposed to bring in soloable raids, I just thought it would be easier than it was.  I got up to Spine in Dragon Soul but died to Morchok more than a few times because his stomp was taking half of my health, even if I ran away and blinked as it was coming.

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