Fun Times Balancing

There seems to be some massive problems with balance currently.  Feral for sure, is OP.  I’m eating people alive.  I killed a rogue out in Bone Wastes, then a warrior in Halaa.  Killed a mage repeatedly in the same area, then a warrior again.




He took it poorly though.




Earlier in Tol Barad I dueled a MM hunter who I killed fairly easily, but as BM he ripped me apart.  The fire mage in Halaa also tore me up pretty quick when he was at full health.  Not sure how skilled they all were, but only a few days into class changes we’re probably all at roughly the same level, and things just don’t feel fair.


But for now it’s fun being OP.



Someone else also btag invited me, I said hi, there said hey there, and boom offline and removed.  Sigh.

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