Wholesome and Charitable


So um yeah, I WAS out in Goldshire trying to be charitable to a rogue, but prior to that I was very wholesome to a rogue in Hellfire, and a hunter.  I had to put on gloves because I had my whole arm up that hunters ass, I went in SO hard just because I wanted him to die before he flew off on his mount again.

I really hate when people won’t land and at least try to fight.


Anyway the rogue btagged me (Justgrazedme-Dentarg/Shanedman) and we talked a bit.  Someone my age finally anyway.  I believe he also played the hunter from earlier in the week who not only wouldn’t get off his mount, and would take off the second I hit prowl.


Also added a random rogue I met when defending Saldean’s Farm (Xanthius) and a warlock (Lucifell/Lucifell) when I was playing my rogue on the Ghostlands server. The warlock said he’s new to the game so we talked about BoA’s, quests, and such.

Also went on a like, 1v6 in Halaa against 2 mages, a hunter, shaman, warrior, and another hunter, until a DK showed up and well, I died.  Damn DKs.


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