Day 27

I buff up and head out to the Frozen Lab, but the exp just doesn’t seem that good and drops are a little poor.  I do notice I throw a double shadow here though, as do the mobs.


I head to Aden and Fields of Massacre, only the mob nukes are quite painful with my half D half C grade jewelry and I end up dying.


Back in town at the buffer I run into this clan member, with the sweet Imperial Crusader armor.  I think this is my favorite S grade set. The shield is easily the best looking in the game.


I head back to my same spot but the mobs are giving me too much trouble so I back up down the road a bit, then a bit more, until I settle into the Cemetery.


Here I work up to around 50%, head back to town to restock, then pick up a quest for this area from a guard at the south gate of Aden and go back.


I make around another 10%.  My kama friends are not around, and I’m getting bored of grinding.  I talk to Furrious a bit then log out.

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