Day 28

Day 28:

I head back to the Cemetery but the orcs are fairly viscous and nothing near the back area drops herbs, so within 10% I am totally out of mp and Kai is nearly dead.  I’ve received 58 Supply Items from the Aden quest but 0 Receipt of Supply. I’ve only acquired 2 of the Suspicious Document pieces. I return to town to heal up and go back to Guard Coleman, who gives me 11,800 for my 58 items.  About 200 per quest item sucks fairly fierce so I tell Coleman to find some other sucker.

During all this I am informed that the other day someone was looking for my loc, something about not agreeing with my noob experience.  Well, I’d certainly like to hear about it in the discussion forum if that is the case.

I move elsewhere in the Cemetery and soon get a level 52 LS. I run out of C crystals so I summon Kat the Cat, only exping is considerable slowly in addition to him moving quite a bit slower.  I hit 56, learn Summon Friend, the Queen Cat, Betray and all my other useful skills.  I then clean out my inventory, restock and I’m sitting at roughly 1.5 mill adena.  I take a break.

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