Day 29

I log in and receive a gift from Nefe of some Black Ore jewelry! So nice 🙂 Nukes should be much less of a problem now, which is good because I really do like the area around Devastated Castle.

However in the meantime I skip around the Giants Cave area and tear through about 5,000 beast shots getting 45%.


I notice the old GC mobs are now milling around in the open.  This doesn’t go well for me and I end up running and some how not dying.


I also notice that perching produces no ill effects; the mobs do not auto evade, but perhaps that is because Kai is still within range.


My Binding Cubic is now level 5 but remains just as useless as ever, landing pretty much never, ever.  I take a break!

A little later I pick up exping again, checking around for quests my level but not finding anything for where I am at.  As I near 57 I get a BW Boots 100% recipe.  I like 100%, it’s a fine percentage. I also get an inordinate amount of Greater Antidotes but so far nothing has poisoned me. I ding 57!  All the quests I would like to do, I am still not high enough for yet even though I can exp there reasonably well and there is little else to do but grind.  eXo reminds me of the TW, and I will write it down this time.  I take a break for the day 🙂

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