Day 30

Today was server maintenance so I didn’t get as much done as normal.  I logged in early and grabbed my Vit buff since the NPCs were going to be removed and logged out until later.

In the afternoon I went to the Frozen Lab, which is convenient because of the clan hall in Schuttgart, and picked up the quest Ice Merchants Dream from Rafforty.  I set out grinding and along the way pick up a Doom Boots 100% rec, a level 58 life stone, and another 50% exp.  During all this I earn around 130 ice crystals.

On the way back I talk to Rafforty, and then the ice shelf thing and this is just where stuff gets stupid. It requires 4 clicks (quest, use tool, use tool, close window) PER CRYSTAL and it doesn’t seem to matter what you pick, because this doofus NPC breaks the majority of them.  I buzz painfully through my 130 crystals and earn 30 freaking Black Ice Crystals.  This guy is like, criminally negligent with my stuff!!  That’s what, 80% fail rate plus 10 solid minutes of clicking? And to add salt on the wound the only option this guy currently has is to give him the crystals, and 30 crystals turns into 36,000 adena. So what do I think of that? This is what!!


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