Day 31

I start out in Frozen Lab again and pick up 54 silver crystals before I decide to hoof it back to that chump Rafforty and pick up his other quest.  Again the clan hall serves its purpose as I return to it and port back to Frozen Lab repeatedly rather than running to Misa in the frozen lake and back over and over.  I process my crystals and receive 18 black ones.  Now that NPC offers an additional parameter where you can trade silver or black crystals for items.  The hilarious thing though, is for a EWB you need over 1,000 black ones, which at current failure rates you’d need something like 8,000 to whittle down to that amount, times 4 clicks each, 32,000 clicks (roughly).  No TY!

At around 80% I get invited to a party in Apostate again from Adanedhel21 and get up to 96% before buffs run and we both have something else to do. During this time I run into eXoDiaC while I am recovering from nearly wiping earlier.


I get the real nice prophet buffs here, and it makes one wonder why anyone would bother running around with no, or lesser buffs, EVER!  The more buffs the merrier! Everyone in the pool! Woo!

I finish off my level and ding 58, pick up some new skills and run into Furrious, and take an updated picture!


The armor really adds like 10 inches to an orcs size I think XD  I put my mats away, restock shots, and log for the day.

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