Day 32

Well I could really call this night 32 since I was only able to pop in for the Territory War.  I logged in, SOE’d to castle, and ran out to the front field. I check in with eXo, get a group with Perkaset and kind of hang out.


I set my replay going to I can see the fights better later on as well. This whole thing reminds me of listening to Olympiad fights back in the day, where this person lets this other person kill them and where is a wizard I need to kill a wizard, etc etc.


I get killed once but there is no exp loss, and I actually gained some exp so that’s fine.  I talks to bats (the player, not literal bats) during this and it is confirmed the battles are arranged this way for the rep.  I guess there isn’t enough interest, or real players to play out the way it was meant.  Besides all that I am many many levels behind everyone else and massively under geared to be of any use. Still, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a TW so it was interesting 🙂

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