Day 33

I had a long break from the game while I was on vacation!

I am at 26% and make it to 51% in the Frozen Lab before buffs run, I’m down to Vit 3, and servers are coming down shortly anyway.  I don’t see any other players where I’m at, but I do get a 100% Doom Shield rec.

I head back to town and say hello to bats as he has logged in and restock my shots, then break for maintenance.

After maint I hop back in and get a party with Adan again in Witches, with SOFOYLITSA.


Since the Vit event is back in effect, I have picked that up and hit 59!


When they have to go afk a bit, I need to log, I have studying to do today 🙂 I pick up 10k beast shots, which leaves me around 2 mill adena, and log out.

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