People in LFR are Rude

Did LFR on my priest the other day and ended up with and off hand and a necklace, which upgraded was like 6 ilevels higher than what I had.  But I like replacing gear and I’ve had so little of it I just did it.  That group was really good, everyone explaining the fights, and more than one mage was really helpful and defending people against others being jerks.  I was down a rabbit hole I think.

Also ran it on my druid and got a neck piece I didn’t need, but used a roll on that.  That went a little differently, I phased in on Sha of Pride and for no reason a hunter slapped me across the face and  said “Coquette, fuck you k?”

I wasn’t sure what that was even regarding so I asked “problem?”  They linked Gift of the Titans.  Ok? No one was dying, we were about to beat the boss.  They said “You don’t know?” and I said apparently not.  I guess they didn’t like me dispelling without pairing up, or whatever that function is, which is totally a no big deal and we got the boss down fine. Also, these shoulders are AWESOME.


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