Doing Heroics

We did 5/8 heroic last night on my priest with A9N, and had to pug a dps and a healer, since Nilvana was out with a broken computer. I recorded Heroic Zon’ozz but did not do Hagara in case I screwed up on the ice phase again (I mostly didn’t). I picked up heroic shoulders, ring, and took a head token I’m not sure why, I think I thought it was heroic and it wasn’t. Was tired or something.

Nothing really remarkable other than the shaman “lagging” during Hagara a few times, and going oom during the end part of Madness, but otherwise everything went smooth.

Our Relentless group will need to pony up more dps if we are thinking about heroics and drop the notion that a raid leader should be calling out every little thing.

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