Work is Poop!

Out in Netherwing areas these days trying to finally get Exalted.  These guys, just made me LAUGH!  And made me think of my own job…


This peon refused to work!!  He also  yells “Work is poop!”  That it is, that it is…


and DAMN they’re stupid!


though you end up finding out that the murkblood are trying to assist the Netherwing, and at one point one of their foremen gives you his hand just to help you out. The spell is calling “giving the hand” I believe.  I give up LOOKING for eggs though, if I happen to find one, great, otherwise looking is annoying.

I also did the Skyshatter races, and man I’m glad you can’t get knocked off your mount any more when they throw stuff at you.  I got hit a few times and lost once, but I have cheater can’t get knocked off abilities now so clearly easier.


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