We’ve done this before

Sigh. My shamans group was another disaster of a night. Rayzo had to go into work early, so we made one attempt at heroic Morchok and I swear to god, why does it always feel like this is the first attempt ever on this boss? We’ve done this before!!! Why doesn’t it go smoothly??

Anyway we had Lila’s friend on his warrior who died soaking the first stomp at 100% health, he was rezzed, then promptly died the second stomp. Cinor asked him if he was using Recklessness and he was like “wut?” and someone linked it, and he wasn’t even aware he had that ability. Even though we said a few times you would NOT want to use that, he said he would use whatever we told him to use. It’s like uh, we said a few times DON’T use that because it increases damage TAKEN. He said it wasn’t even on his bars. His dps was pretty low besides that.

We did the rest of normal, and boat went normal (close to getting the ship blown up) even though I said in vent that everyone should soak the little purples if they have the health for it, etc. The warrior got hit by every rush and aoe there was it seemed too.

Scuba died straight away on Ultraxion during the first “push the button” phase, and said he wasn’t really watching it, he was multi tasking. He was rezzed and he said he shouldn’t have been, I think it was along the lines of “I’m not really feeling it just leave me dead” which pissed most of us off. A few other people mentioned not really paying attention to the fights and doing other things, and I gave a bit of a speech about how “not really caring’ doesn’t get you heroics, but no one bothered to respond.

Then on spine most of the group was blown off when they were stacking and there was a lot of “I didn’t know which side to go to” Um the side without corruptions? That side maybe? Rayzo rage quit at that point, then Jynx professed loyalty to Rayzo and the legendary daggers and said he was going to stop here so we didn’t cheat him out of a kill. Even though… Lila found a replacement dps. Sigh. We all logged kind of pissy to very pissy.

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